Image to GIF animation

Image to GIF animation 1.2

Generates an animated GIF file from a series of static image files
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Images to GIF Animation is a very simple and easy-to-use software application whose purpose is clear: to generate an animated GIF file (a well-known image file format with built-in animation) from a series of existing static images in any of the most popular formats.

The program's interface is pretty intuitive and offers you just the elements that are truly essential for its tasks. All the action takes place in a single window, where you can add or delete your static images and change their order in the sequence. There is a big panel where you can see the selected file with detail. You can also define the display time in multiples of 1/100 of a second. However, it is not possible to set a different display time for each individual image, which - in my opinion - could have been a very important feature of the program. Moreover, though the width and height of the images can also be defined, this functionality also suffers from a similar limitation.

There are also a couple of small buttons that allow you to open the Register window - useful in case you bought a license - and to display the program's help, which is actually an online user guide, a very simple and concise document. Finally, you can click on the "Make" button to start the generation process. This is very quick, and when the GIF file is ready, it opens automatically in your default Web browser, where you can actually see the resulting animation. The trial version of the program stamps a "trial" text in red all along the animation.

This program might be useful to some people who need to generate simple animated GIF files quickly. However, its user interface could be easily improved, and the whole program would greatly benefit from some additional features, like the chance to set each frame's display duration and size, or apply some transition effects.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Quick generation process
  • Supports image files in any of the most popular formats


  • Does not allow you to set individual display duration or size for every static image
  • Does not include any additional effects
  • Poor user interface
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